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Fight Coordinator

For over two decades, Timothy has been designing, choreographing and performing fights for all mediums of the entertainment industry.  From live theatre to television to feature films, his choreography has excited audiences while staying true to style and story.  While honing his craft as a fight designer, Timothy has traveled the world training with martial arts masters and scholars of historical weaponry.  With access to these masters and their personal libraries, he spent hours translating fighting manuals into practical movement.

Timothy has trained hundreds of actors and performers of varying skill levels from around the world.  While doing so, he has developed a unique adaptability that has allowed him to quickly recognize and utilize the strengths of each individual performer.  Safety is an integral part of the training process, especially when it comes to swords and weapons.  Timothy has created a pedagogy for fight training that allows him to teach performers how to move within the spectrum of a specific style, rather than just performing a piece of choreography.  This offers tremendous confidence in performance and allows flexibility for any last minute alterations to choreography.

Timothy’s passion for movement and fighting cultures throughout time has driven his continued training and research.  His dedication to this craft and his strong work ethic have made him a sought after fight coordinator in the entertainment industry.